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Line ID 240B10
Vector Used pAC161
Line Availability only available from NASC (N422966)
Segregation Analysis N/A (line seemingly not resistant, T2 plants grown without drug)
Confirmed for Hit At5g11200
Parent of DUPLO pair none
Parent of pair(s) none

Gene hit At5g11200

Sequence (A. th genome BLAST matches underlined)
GenBank Accession AL939008 [GenBank]
Graphic View Graphic view of gene At5g11200
Predicted Position of Insertion Chr5:3567154 - go to primer design
BLAST e Value 2e-15
Hit Clone Code (BAC ID) F2I11
Hit Gene Code At5g11200 [Araport] [TAIR] [MIPS] [SIGnAL]
Gene Annotation DEAD/DEAH box RNA helicase family protein
Insertion Classification Promoter
Confirmation Status confirmed, show confirmation sequences
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