Several months ago, we have started to prepare for stopping the GABI-Kat confirmation service at some time in the future. This service is running since more than 15 years. The reason is that the number of requests is declining (although there are still quite some requests for GABI-Kat insertion lines). In addition, the administrative overhead for handling the requests is getting crazy.

To allow the Arabidopsis community access to “valuable” GABI-Kat insertion alleles even if the line has not yet been confirmed and donated as T3-set to NASC, we will start donating T2-stocks. Obviously, these lines/insertion alleles are NOT confirmed but are donated on the basis of predictions. However, the in-house confirmation rate at GABI-Kat is about 80% which indicates that there is a good chance to confirm the predicted insertion allele after ordering a T2-stock from NASC. Lines that have been donated to NASC as T2-stocks can not be requested from GABI-Kat. Information about which lines have been donated is available from SimpleSearch. An example is here.