GABI-Kat: generation of flanking sequence tags (FSTs) from
T-DNA mutagenised A. thaliana plants
accession Columbia)


The GABI-Kat confirmation service closed 2019-12-31. 


Many GABI-Kat lines are available from NASC. Please read about details here. The "show sequence" page of SimpleSearch will display if a GABI-Kat line for a given FST has been donated to NASC. Lines that have not been regrown and confirmed in the time between 2000 and the end of 2019 are not available.

We request that you cite our paper that has been published in the 2012 database issue of NAR when using GABI-Kat material. Please note that we ask you to cite this more recent publication and not the paper from 2003 if you use our lines in your experiments. See here for more detail.

The last GABI-Kat grant finally terminated at the end of December 2014. We thank BMBF/PtJ for many years of funding, and the users who provided "letters of support" for further funding after December 2014! It were quite some, but the review panel decided against. Have a look at older News & History articles for some more information.


Ordering seed of GK insertion lines from GABI-Kat is not possible any more.
There have been only VERY few requests in the last 4 months of 2019, it seems that many labs have switched to genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9) for access to mutants for reverse genetics. More importantly, the germination rate of our seed stocks went down over time and is as of now a real problem for many lines. In addition, the administrative overhead for sending out seed and handling the financial aspects of requests has reached a level that can no longer be done 'on the side' by scientists. Access to about 14,800 lines is possible via NASC or ABRC as T3 sets.


You can still search for insertions in an AtYFG (Your Favorite A. thaliana Gene) using GABI-Kat SimpleSearch.
The search interface allows searching for relevant insertions by AGI gene code, keyword, GABI-Kat line ID, GenBank accession number of the FST or by BLAST with a sequence.
Please note that the AGI gene code must be present in Araport11


The initial PI's for GABI-Kat were: Bernd Weisshaar, Koen Dekker, Bernd Reiss and Heinz Saedler
Postdoc in GABI-Kat is at present: -
(The DB is still maintained with help from Nils Kleinboelting.)
Postdocs who left the group: Nicolai Strizhov, Sabine Steiner-Lange, Yong Li, Mario Rosso, Andreas Klassen and Gunnar Huep

Please contact us by e-mail to info() if there are questions regarding GABI-Kat material or the project inself.