The presently running GABI-FUTURE-Kat II grant from PTJ / BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Research) will terminate at 2011-06-30. We are now submitting two extension proposals to continue the service to the community for initially 6 more months until December 2011, and then for another two years. We still get between 50 and 70 insertion allele requests each month, and transfer of confirmed lines to NASC continues. One problem to be addressed is the reduction of the germination frequency of the now more than 10 years old seed stocks. Obviously, a line and the respective insertion(s) is lost when the T2 seeds that we have in stock do not germinate any more.
In addition, the re-annotation of all our FSTs (including new data, see News article of 2011-02-14) yielded predictions of new GK insertion alleles for about 5.500 additional TAIRv10 protein-coding genes (pseudogenes and TEs not counted). Among these are:
- 837 protein-coding genes with "good" knock-out alleles (insertion predicted to be located in the 5'-UTR or CDSi region) that had no predicted insertion allele in GK, SALK, SAIL or Wisc before (see the summary table for Ath insertion mutant alleles at SIGnAL), these 837 genes are now covered by new "GABI-Kat only" alleles;
- 1087 protein-coding genes with "good" knock-out alleles that so had only 1 insertion allele in SALK, SAIL or Wisc, these genes are now covered by a 2nd allele from GABI-Kat;
- about 600 protein-coding genes with a 2nd GK allele where the first allele is also from GK and no other insertion allele has been predicted in the SALK, SAIL or Wisc populations.
We hope that provision of these additional alleles will be attractive to reviewers, and to argue for a continuation of GABI-Kat.