How to cite the use of GABI-Kat lines?


We request that you cite the paper by Kleinboelting et al. (NAR 2012, database issue) when you use one or several GABI-Kat lines for your work, and that you mention the line ID(s) in material and methods (e.g. GK_048E04). If you got the line(s) from NASC, please mention NASC in addition to GABI-Kat (please cite Kleinboelting et al. (2012) also in this case) according to their request and include the NASC stock ID in material and methods.


For GABI-Kat topics other than using our lines please refer to the respective papers listed below.


Pucker B, Kleinboelting N, Weisshaar B (2021)Large scale genomic rearrangements in selected Arabidopsis thaliana T-DNA lines are caused by T-DNA insertion mutagenesis. BMC Genomics 22:599 [PubMed]

Kleinboelting N, Huep G, Weisshaar B (2017) Enhancing the GABI-Kat Arabidopsis thaliana T-DNA insertion mutant database by incorporating Araport11 annotation. Plant and Cell Phys. 58(1) e7 [PubMed]

Kleinboelting N, Huep G, Appelhagen I, Viehoever P, Li Y, Weisshaar B (2015) The structural features of thousands of T-DNA insertion sites are consistent with a double-strand break repair based insertion mechanism. Mol Plant. 8(11):1651-1664 [PubMed]

Kleinboelting N, Huep G, Kloetgen A, Viehoever P, Weisshaar B (2012) GABI-Kat SimpleSearch: new features of the Arabidopsis thaliana T-DNA mutant database. Nucleic Acids Res. 40 (Database issue): D1211-1215 [PubMed]

Stracke R, Huep G, Weisshaar B (2010) Use of mutants from T-DNA insertion populations generated by high-throughput screening. In: Handbook of Plant Mutation Screening, Eds: K.Meksem, G.Kahl. Handbook. 1:31-54 [Website]

Ulker B, Li Y, Rosso MG, Logemann E, Somssich IE and Weisshaar B (2008) T-DNA-mediated transfer of Agrobacterium tumefaciens chromosomal DNA into plants. Nat Biotechnol. 26:1015-1017 [PubMed]

Li Y, Rosso MG, Viehoever P, Weisshaar B. (2007) GABI-Kat SimpleSearch: an Arabidopsis thaliana T-DNA mutant database with detailed information for confirmed insertions. Nucleic Acids Res. 35 (DB issue): D874-878. [PubMed]

Li Y, Rosso MG, Ulker B, Weisshaar B. (2006) Analysis of T-DNA insertion site distribution patterns in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals special features of genes without insertions. Genomics 87: 645-652. [PubMed]

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Strizhov N, Li Y, Rosso MG, Viehoever P, Dekker KA, Weisshaar B. (2003) High-throughput generation of sequence indexes from T-DNA mutagenized Arabidopsis thaliana lines. BioTechniques 35: 1164-1168. [PubMed]

Li Y, Rosso MG, Strizhov N, Viehoever P, Weisshaar B. (2003) GABI-Kat SimpleSearch: a flanking sequence tag (FST) database for the identification of T-DNA insertion mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana. Bioinformatics 19: 1441-1442. [PubMed]


There is also a Google-Scholar profile of GABI-Kat, in which the cited papers are outlined.


Like many other people, we like positive feedback! We would be very happy if you would sent an email to us which mentiones any of your papers that makes use of GABI-Kat lines.