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If you do not know this site and the GABI-Kat conditions, please check  THIS PAGE first.

(Pleae note that we need a signed MTA in addition to this data submission for a valid order. The name you enter here should be that of the "RECIPIENT SCIENTIST" mentioned in the MTA. We need to be able to correlate MTAs with your input here)

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You need to identify the line by it's ID (example: 048E04) AND the corresponding insertion locus by either a gene code (example: At5g43175) or a BAC ID (example: MMG4).
Your Purchase Order Number
Line ID 1 Gene or BAC* code 1
Line ID 2 Gene or BAC* code 2
Line ID 3 Gene or BAC* code 3
Line ID 4 Gene or BAC* code 4
Line ID 5 Gene or BAC* code 5
Line ID 6 Gene or BAC* code 6
Line ID 7 Gene or BAC* code 7
Line ID 8 Gene or BAC* code 8
Line ID 9 Gene or BAC* code 9
Line ID 10 Gene or BAC* code 10
*Please use the BAC code ONLY if there is no gene code available for the predicted insertion site.

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