While working on the continuous improvement of the GABI-Kat data quality, we still occasionally find seed requests in which users did not get the allele (line) because the insertion was not confirmed initially. If we find logistic errors in our population, we do correct them. As a result, it can happen that you receive seeds for an order placed years ago (we do not ask for the line fee in these cases). Such lines are also donated to NASC, but we want to inform the user who initially wanted the line that "his" or "her" line has finally been confirmed.

Thanks to a thoughtful user, a bug in our web order form has been detected. The form did not store the input correctly. The bug, which had been introduced during the update of 2011-09-09, has been fixed now. The web order form is functional again. If someone has use the form between 2011-09-09 and 2011-09-16, the data are lost. We will try to contact these users on the basis of the MTA that should reach us anyway. However, if you come across this note and think that you are affected, please re-submit.

We have reworked the way how the dynamic content of SimpleSearch is presented to the user. The new implementation is using PHP directly, and offers the option to copy & paste the URL of a page that displays the data of (for example) a given line. Also, SimpleSearch is now significantly faster. In addition, we added a new search option that allows to get a list of all insertions that map to a pseudochromosome region.

We have updated the Joomla system that we use to manage the GABI-Kat website to Joomla v1.7. The website was partially unavailable during the update - sorry for that!

With the GK database version release 24 we introduced the term TS2pA (from transcription start to polyA addition site). This was used to describe insertions that are in the transcribed area of a gene. Now, we changed this to TS2TE for "from transcription start to transcript end" to also cover not polyadenylated ncRNA transcripts.

The presently running GABI-FUTURE-Kat II grant from PTJ / BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Research) has been extended to 2011-12-31. We will submit soon an extension proposal to continue the service to the community for 30 more months until June 2014.

Newly confirmed GABI-Kat lines have been donated to NASC. Since the current number of lines donated to NASC is now (since the last update in March) presented here, this is the last such note in the "News and History" area of the website.

Since September 2004, SimpleSearch was based on the TIGRv5 sequence data and genome annotation data set. With the new database release GK release 24, the following changes have been implemented:
- pseudochromosome sequences from TAIRv9 and 10 are now the basis for the prediction of insertion sites;
- TAIRv10 annotation data are used to qualify the predicted insertions as genome hits, gene hits or CDSi hit;
- UTR information is used to qualify "good" insertions as "TS2pA hits" (transcription start to polyA addition);
- reannotation of all our FSTs has been performed (see news of 2011-02-14) and the data are now available from SimpleSearch.
The new release contains data from 71.238 lines with genome hits. There are 18.908 genes with hits, and there are 13.038 genes with CDSi hits (for CDSi hits, only protein-coding genes are counted because there is no protein-CDS in RNA genes). During the next days, the FAQ page and other descriptions on our website will be updated to fit the new release.
Although we tested carefully, it might be that some bugs escaped. Please report problems (see footer of this page for Email address).