The GABI-Kat SimpleSeach tool offers information about availability of lines/seed. For the lines that have been confirmed (by PCR in the T2 generation), we have produced T3 seed. These T3 seed have been transferred to NASC and are available from the stock centres as "T3 sets". In these cases, a link to the NASC catalog for ordering is provided. Example: 001H07 => N400091

About 1.700 lines with predicted CDSi hits have already been transferred to NASC as (not confirmed) T2-stocks. Example: 127E03 => N2108305

A total of 8.857 lines (not confirmed) are scheduled in addition to be transferred to NASC as T2-stocks. These lines cover insertion alleles with CDSi hits that have a good chance for confirmation. For example, we have filtered out larger "contamination groups" where only one line among several candidates will be positive for the predicted insertion. This transfer has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, currently it is not possible to carry out this action. Once the situation improves, the plan will be reactivated. Nevertheless, the database now tells which lines are among these 8.857 lines. Example: 001A10