Genotyping and primer details

Genotyping and primer details for SALK_043475c - At3g19290
Line ID SALK_043475c
Locus At3g19290 [Araport] [TAIR] [MIPS] [SIGnAL]
Deduced position of insertion Graphic view of Chr3:6689107 of line SALK_043475c Chr3:6689107
Insertion allele amplicon R204 - 53aq
Locus specific primer 53aq: 5'-AGCTATCTCAGGTTTGAGCTTCAG-3'
Sequences from confirmation amplicon show confirmation sequences
Genomic end of ins. amplicon Chr3:6689627
wt amplicon (over InsPos) 08cg - 53aq
wt amplicon start Chr3:6688809
wt amplicon end Chr3:6689627
wt amplicon size 819 bp
Locus specific primer 53aq: 5'-AGCTATCTCAGGTTTGAGCTTCAG-3'
2nd locus specific primer 08cg: 5'-ATATAACCAACAAGGGTTTTGCTG-3'
Note The data concerning the primers refer to the experimental conditions used in the initial analysis of the alleles. However, in the course of the project we replaced the primer R204 with LBb3. See the DUPLOdb help page for details.

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