Today, the help page for using the DUPLOdb has been finished in it's first version, and is now available here. We hope that the text is informative in that it explains the data the are available within DUPLOdb, and how one can access these data. 

Together with an update of SimpleSearch, the DUPLOdb went online. The core page of DUPLOdb is the "Pair details" page (see pair 49 as an example). In addition, there is easy access to genotyping and primer information (example for the parent allele 637C09/At2g32920 of pairID=49). These data about DUPLO pairs are made accessible via search and filter functions (start here: DUPLOdb searches), and also from various lists (see here: DUPLOdb lists). 

The first 5 DUPLO double mutants have been donated to NASC, and are available from there. You may want to have a look at the description of the DUPLO collection.

A list of the gene pairs that can be addressed within the GABI DUPLO project is made available. At present, access to finished DUPLO double mutants via the website has not been finally implemented, but is on its way. Have a look at future news!

Start of the GABI-DUPLO project. Thanks to the BMBF/PTJ and the unknown reviewers!