The publication to the DUPLO collection has been accepted in TPJ recently. Many thanks to the anonymous reviewer! The paper is already available online and will be in print soon.

Further 178 sets of DUPLO double mutants, which have been sent to NASC, are accessible there now. The NASC IDs of those sets have been incorporated into DUPLOdb and they can be accessed from there. Clicking on the NASC ID on a pair's site in DUPLOdb will take you to the NASC website. You may want to check this example. The sets will become available for orders at NASC in the near future.

Publication data concerning double mutants has been incorporated in the database and is now available in DUPLOdb. See for details.

Further 291 sets of DUPLO double mutants have been sent to NASC. The donation was divided into batches of 118, 153 and 20 DUPLO mutants. The lines will become available at NASC in the near future, and the links to the new pairs at the stock centre will be integrated into DUPLOdb as soon as the lines have been stored at NASC.

The next set of 66 DUPLO double mutants has been donated to NASC, and will become available there in the near future. The description of the DUPLO collection at NASC will be updated about the new mutants soon.

If we observed phenotypes for DUPLO double mutants, pictures of the phenotypes are presented in DUPLOdb now (see this example).

DUPLOdb can now be searched for phenotypes of the double mutants. This new option has been integrated into the DUPLOdb search page. You might consider to check our help page for further advice.

The lists for DUPLO genepairs, Gentic. unlinked pairs and the Complete pair list have been improved. DUPLO pairs, which have already been donated to NASC are visualised with green background coulors. Pairs with a double mutant phenotype, which has been observed by us, are marked dark green in these lists. An example of a donated pair with phenotype can be found here.