Genotyping and primer details

Genotyping and primer details for 470F05 - At5g43870
Line ID 470F05
Locus At5g43870 [Araport] [TAIR] [MIPS] [SIGnAL]
Deduced position of insertion Graphic view of Chr5:17634501 of line 470F05 Chr5:17634501
Insertion allele amplicon 8474 - 20eq
Locus specific primer 20eq: 5'-AACGTTAACCGCAGAACTAACAAC-3'
Sequences from confirmation amplicon show confirmation sequences
Genomic end of ins. amplicon Chr5:17634096
wt amplicon (over InsPos) 02fl - 20eq
wt amplicon start Chr5:17634096
wt amplicon end Chr5:17634913
wt amplicon size 818 bp
Locus specific primer 20eq: 5'-AACGTTAACCGCAGAACTAACAAC-3'
2nd locus specific primer 02fl: 5'-AAAACTCAGGCTTTCTCTTCTTCC-3'
Note The data concerning the primers refer to the experimental conditions used in the initial analysis of the alleles. In general, we used 8474 in the PCR and 8409 for sequencing. See the confirmation strategy page for details. For genotyping in the context of DUPLO, we used 8409 as T-DNA primer in PCRs. See the DUPLOdb help page for details.

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