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Details for pair 68910
  Pair Info Parent 1 Parent 2
Pair ID 68910    
Parent loci   At4g01160 [Araport] [TAIR] At2g46260 [Araport] [TAIR]
Gene Annotations   BTB/POZ/Kelch-associated protein BTB/POZ/Kelch-associated protein;
Pair-related paper(s)  
Similarity (TAIRv10) 67.8 %    
Gap (TAIRv10) 11.7 %    
Component 3    
Genetically unlinked Yes    
Assigned allele   646F06 / At4g01160 SALK_145146 / At2g46260
Insertion classification   CDSi CDSi
Parent line's graphic view   Graphic view of gene At4g01160 Graphic view of gene At2g46260
Parent line's confirm. status   unknown confirmed, show confirmation seq's
Primer and wt-amplicons   not done or failed show primer details


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