When using GABI-Kat lines, please cite: Kleinboelting et al. 2012.

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The list below is split into six categories:
(i) publications from the GABI-Kat team itself,
(ii) publications with contribution from GABI-Kat co-workers,
(iii) publications using GABI-Kat material,
(iv) publications referring to the GABI-Kat population,
(v) publications referring to the GABI-Kat population and the DUPLO collection, and
(vi) patents using GABI-Kat material.

Since April 2013, we also display links between publications and the lines (insertion alleles) that have been analysed, and mention the allele designation (IF these data have been extracted from the respective publication).
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Publications of GABI-Kat


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Publications with contribution from GABI-Kat co-workers


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Publications using GABI-Kat material


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